Aruba ISD Country Dialing Area Code 00297

The country Aruba has its own ISD code +297. The country is located in the southern Caribbean Sea. This is actually an island. Kingdom of Netherlands has four constituent countries and this country is one of them. Inhabitants of these four countries share a single nationality. The country has no subdivisions but it has eight regions. The regions are for census purpose. Capital of the country is Orangestad. The country has a dry climate. Its land area is only 179 square kilometers. Around 102484 people live in this country. Some important cities of the country are, Oranjestad, Paradera, San Nicolas, Santa Cruz, Noord etc. International call prefix of this country is “00”. There are only a few countries outside Africa which have a country code starting with 2. This country is one of them. In 1986 this country seceded from Netherland Antilles. Before this the country was a part of Netherland Antilles numbering plan. That time +599 was used for calling a number in this island.

ISD Codes

Aruba Country Code =00297
Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Telecommunication System in Aruba:
There are several telecommunication systems in this country. Some of them are Telephone, Mobile, Television, Radio and Internet. Three television broadcast stations are there in this country. 24000 people uses internet.

Mobile Network Operators:
The mobile numbers of this country starts with 5, 6, 7 and 9. There are 105700 mobile phone users in this country. The country holds the 178th position in the world. List of mobile operator companies in this country are given here,


Telephone Operator Company:
There are around 38700 telephone users in this small country. Comparison to the world this is the 166th country. All the landline numbers of this country starts with 5. There is no area code in this country. SetarNV is the only fixed line company in this country. The company also provides the service of internet and GSM related wireless services.

Neighboring Countries:
This small island is located in the Caribbean Sea. There are very few nearby countries from this country. Here are given some with their ISD code,

Venezuela (+58)
Colombia (+57)
Netherlands (+31)

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