Brazil ISD Country Dialing Area Code

The ISD (International Subscribers Dialing) code of Brazil is +55. International call prefix for this country is 00xx. Usually the Brazilian telephone numbering plan has eight digit fixed line numbers and two digit area code. Public utility or emergency numbers are three digits long. Callers from outside of this country can call a telephone number of this country by dialing, (IDD)-(+55)-(Area Code)-(Telephone Number). When someone tries to call a mobile number, he/she should dial (IDD)-(+55)-(Cellular Number). The format can be easily remembered. IDD is the exit code. Brasilia is the capital of this country. Largest city of the country is Sao Paulo. The country has a total area of 8515767 square kilometers. This is the 5th largest country in the world. Total population of the country is 202656788 estimated in 2014. They are the 5th most populous country.

ISD Codes

Brazil Country Code =0055
Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Telecommunication System:
The country has modern technologies. ANATEL is the federal telecommunications regulatory agency of this country. ANATEL regulates the country’s all type of telecommunications. Television, Radio, Internet, Telephone and Cellular Mobile are some popular telecommunication systems in this country. Television and radio are not treated as telecommunication ways under the constitution of the country. In the terms of revenue the country has the 2nd biggest media conglomerate in the world.

Mobile Operator Company:
Mobile telephony started in this country on 30 December 1990. Number of cellular mobile devices in this country is 161922375. Prepaid lines are 81.91% and 84.61 phones are used per 100 people. List of mobile operator company is given here,

Vivo Participacoes
TIM Brasil
The leading wireless company is Vivo Participacoes. Italian wireless giant TIM controls the TIM Brasil. Almost 90% of the country’s people use cellular phone including 3G service. The government is trying to cover 100% population under 3G service within 2019.

Telephone Operator Company:
The country’s fixed line sector is fully open to competition. They have extensive microwave radio relay system and 64 earth stations. There are around 33800370 telephone lines in service. List of telephone operator companies is,

America Movil

Emergency Numbers:
Some important publicly used numbers of Brazil are,

100-Human Rights
198-Highway Police

Neighboring Countries:

Some neighboring countries are given here with their ISD code,
Paraguay (+595)
Bolivia (+591)
French Guiana (+594)

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