Egypt ISD Country Dialing Area Code

Country calling code or the ISD code of Egypt is +20. ISD is the International Subscriber Dialing code. International call prefix for the country is 00 and trunk prefix is 0. There is a fixed format for calling a number of the country from out of the country. Calling format for telephone number is, (IDD)-(+20)-(Area Code)-(Telephone Number). If an international caller wants to call a mobile then he/she should dial, (IDD)-(+20)-(Cellular Number). The country has 10 digits cellular number. IDD is International Direct Dial which is the exit code. There are 29 area codes in this country.

ISD Codes

(International ISD Codes)


Egypt Country Code =0020
Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Telecommunication System:
The country is the cultural and informational center of the Arab world. Cairo is its largest publishing and broadcasting centre. Among telecommunication systems there are Press, Mail, Radio, Television, Landline Telephony, Cellular Communication etc. There are around 12568900 people connected with the internet.

Mobile Operator Company:
There are around 30.047 million mobile cellular in this country. Three operator companies are covering the whole country. List of the mobile operators is here,

Vodafone Egypt
Etisalat Egypt

Telephone Operator Company:
There are 10.808 fixed lines in use in this country. Telecom Egypt is the company who is serving the telephony system in this country.

Emergency Number:
Emergency numbers of Egypt are,

123- Ambulance
125- Fire Brigade
122- Police

Neighboring Countries:
Here is a list of countries which are near Egypt.

Israel (+972)
Jordan (+962)
Palestine (+970)

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