Iran ISD Country Dialing Area Code 0098

Country code or ISD code of the country Iran is +98. International call prefix is “00” and trunk prefix is “0”. Telephone numbers are usually 10 digits long. International callers have to dial telephone numbers or mobile numbers of the country in a format. The format for calling a telephone number is, (IDD)-(+98)-(Area Code)-(Telephone Number). A caller from outside of the country if wants to call a cellular mobile number, he/she should dial, (IDD)-(+98)-(Cellular Number). Cellular numbers are 10 digits long. IDD refers the International Direct Dial code. This is the exit code and it differs from country to country. There are 200 area codes in this country. Area codes are usually 2 or 3 digits long.

ISD Codes

Iran Country Code =0098

Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Telecommunication System:
There are several telecommunication systems running in this country. Among them telephony, cellular, internet, postal, radio and television are popular. Internet users are in a good amount in this country. Around 15 million television sets are there in the country. There are 22 million radios in the country.

Mobile Operator Company:
Mobile is a popular communication system in this country. Around 78 million people uses mobile cellular here. List of mobile network companies given here,

1. Hamrah e Avval
2. MTN Irancell
3. RighTel
4. Taliya
5. Mobin Net
6. Kish Free Zone
7. IR70

Telephone Operator Company:
In the country there were 27.767 million fixed lines in use in. TCI is the company which provides the telephony service in the country.

Emergency Numbers:
Emergency numbers used in the country are as follows,

110- Police
115- Ambulance
125- Fire

Neighboring Countries:
There are some neighboring countries of Iran. Here are some nearest countries name with ISD code,

Kuwait (+965)
Bahrain (+973)
Qatar (+974)
Turkmenistan (+993)

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